A shift schedule is a weekly schedule for frontline employees to display their working hours in Pathlight. Each team member can set, add, or edit their own schedules to display when they are on-shift or on rest. When a team member is on-shift there will be a shift badge that says, “On Shift”. When they are on a rest day the shift badge will say, “Off Shift.”


Question - Will the days I am not scheduled impact my metrics?

Answer - No, the shift schedule is simply to display when you are scheduled to be on shift or off shift.

Question - What happens if my shift schedule changes?

Answer - You can update your schedule in your profile settings. See the steps below on how to edit your schedule.

Question - Who can see if I am on shift or off shift?

Answer - Anyone who has access to your profile can see if you are on or off shift.

How to add a shift schedule

1. Open Pathlight and navigate to your dashboard

2. Select the three dots button to edit profile

3. Select the Schedule tab

4. Add your scheduled dates and select save

5. You will now see a shift badge and a new section called Schedule

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