What are Pathlight Badges?

Pathlight Badges are a new way to recognize and celebrate success. Badges use data, manager, and peer verifications to create a unique, secure certificate that can be shared far and wide. Here's an example: pathlight.com/b/QHRTR2

In light of COVID19 and many layoffs happening around the world, we've made Pathlight Badges public and free for everyone to use.

For Pathlight Users

Badges are automatically generated in real-time as achievement criteria is met. Please reach out to our support team if you would like to generate a Pathlight Badge with your Pathlight data for a team member. 

For Everyone Else

  1. Visit our Badge Form page

  2. Select a Badge Type that reflects the achievement of your team member.

3. Enter: 

  • Your team member's name

  • Specific goal they achieved

  • Relevant time period

  • Name of the company where they achieved this goal

4. Enter your team member's email under Badgeholder Email
5. Enter your name and email address under Verifier Name and Verifier Email

Note: An email will be sent to your team member notifying them that they have received a Pathlight badge. You will also receive an email to confirm that the data you have entered on the badge is accurate. 

6. Select Direct Manager under Verifier's relationship

7. Select Generate Badge to create the badge

8. Open your email and select Verify Badge
9. Select Verify Badge again on the web page open from the email

Note: Follow the "Verify Badge" button in the email to confirm verification on the web page.

10. Now share the Pathlight Badge page URL with your team member

Still have a question? Send a message to our Pathlight Support team at support@pathlight.com.

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