What are Pathlight Badges?

Pathlight Badges are a new way to recognize and celebrate success. Badges use data and peer verifications to create a unique, secure certificate that can be shared far and wide. Here's an example: pathlight.com/b/QHRTR2

In light of COVID19 and many layoffs happening around the world, we've made Pathlight Badges public and free for everyone to use.

How are Badges created?

For Pathlight Users
Badges are automatically generated in real-time as achievement criteria is met. Please reach out to our support team if you would like to generate a Pathlight Badge with your Pathlight data for yourself or a team member.

For Everyone Else

You can use our Badge form to create a badge for yourself or for someone else. 

If you're creating a badge for yourself, make sure you add a direct manager or colleague that can verify the accuracy of your Badge (detailed instructions here).

If you are creating a badge for someone else, put your name and email in the verifier section. We will send you an email to confirm your verification (detailed instructions here).

About Badge URLs

Every badge has two URLs:

  1. A Public URL that is meant to be shared. No one can falsify their own Pathlight URL, which makes Pathlight Badges unique and difficult to forge. Put this URL anywhere you want people to see your accomplishments (LinkedIn, your resume, etc.).

  2. A Private Edit URL just for the badgeholder. This URL allows the badgeholder to request further verifications from managers and peers, share it on LinkedIn, and download the image files.

About Verifications

Verifications are critical to making Badges trustworthy and unique. Every badge should be verified by at least one of the following methods (and ideally all 3):

  • Direct Manager

  • Peer or Indirect Manager

  • Pathlight (data about your performance) - requires a Pathlight account

Verifications can be requested via your Secret Badge Edit URL (which we send in the email notifying you that a new badge was created).

Types of Pathlight Badges

Each badge is designed to be verifiable by data and colleagues. We are adding new badge types often and would love to hear any suggestions you might have.

  • Superstar: 1st Place in Department

  • Superstar: 2nd Place in Department

  • Superstar: 3rd Place in Department

  • Superstar: 4th Place in Department

  • Superstar: 5th Place in Department

  • Superstar: 1st Place on Team

  • Superstar: 2nd Place on Team

  • Top Performer: 3rd Place on Team

  • Top Performer: Exceeded Goal

  • Top Performer: Doubled Goal

  • Top Performer: Top 10% of Department

  • Top Performer: Top 25% of Department

  • Award Winner: President's Club

  • Award Winner: Hardest Worker

  • Award Winner: Most Improved

  • Record Holder: Set New Team Record

  • Record Holder: Set New Department Record

  • Record Holder: Set New Company Record

Still have a question? Send a message to our Pathlight Support team in the chat in the bottom right corner of your screen, or via support@pathlight.com.

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