A message template is a pre-filled message that has been created for recurring communication, such as 1:1 meetings with a manager or weekly team updates. It often includes data snapshots of performance against key metrics. You can use a template by selecting the “From Template” button in the left nav bar.

How to create a templated message

  1. Click the “from template” button
  2. Select a template
  3. Select whose data you want to pre-fill the template with.
    Note: If you are sending this to your manager, add your name here. If you are a manager sending a message to your team member, then fill this with the team member's name.
  4. Select Next to start your message with the template
  5. Add in any notes or additional metrics, and send the message!

Note: If the template has embedded metrics and you have not selected a person in the above screenshot, the embedded metrics in the template will show “No data.”

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