Create equitable, focused communication with the communication tab. The communication tab gives managers and leaders a clear understanding of how they’re communicating with their team, to ensure each team member is getting the guidance they need to be successful. Use the communication score and communication summary to know where to focus at a glance.

The communication tab shows the number of Mini Goals, applause, and coaching messages sent to each member of your team in the last 7 days. 

Communication coverage score

This is a 7-day health score and summary of a manager or director’s communication with their team. 

How to review your communication with your team:

1. Open the dashboard
2. Select the Communication Tab
3. Find a team member who has not been messaged
4. Hover over and select the team member
5. Select “Message” or “Mini Goal” to share guidance today!

How to review your communication with a team member:

1. Open the dashboard of a team member
2. Select the Communication Tab, where you will find a history of recent messages.
3. From this view, you can also send a message or create a mini goal directly

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