A Mini Goal is a short-term goal a manager can set for their direct reports to create greater focus and accountability. Mini Goals are a powerful tool to motivate your team members and help them achieve their goals. Use them to:

  • Help teams and teammates chip away at longer-term goals
  • Track and create accountability for short-term objectives set in conversations you have with your team members
  • Drive focus on your most important metrics

You can set a Mini Goal on any metric you track. You must assign a due date, set a goal, and include a message for any Mini Goal you create.

How to create a Mini Goal

1. Open the dashboard
2. Filter the dashboard by paths to find a metric
3. Select a metric you want to create a Mini Goal for
4. Select “new Mini Goal” button
5. Add a number target (e.g. daily, weekly, or monthly goal)
6. Add a due date (This will add a countdown of when this Mini Goal needs to be completed by)
7. Add a message
8. Select Save

Note: The Mini Goal will be added to the metric details and as a dashboard tile. Once the Mini Goal is due date has ended you will be notified via email or slack.

Example: Mini Goal added to the Metric details side panel

Example: Mini Goal added to the dashboard

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