With Tasks, you can assign, track, and complete to-do items within Pathlight. You can create a task at any time from any screen so you can easily document follow-ups and action items.

How to create a task for an individual:

1. Open Pathlight
2. Select the Plus icon in the top right corner
3. Select Create a New Task
4. Type the name of the task
5. Press Enter
6. Assign the task to an individual team members name
7. Assign a Dute Date

Note: Once your assigned task is completed you will receive a notification.  

How to create a task from a message for an individual or group:

1. Create a new message or open a message
2. Select “Add a task"
3. Type the name of the task
4. Assign the task to someone or a group

5. Assign a due date
5. Select Save

Note: You can only assign a task to a group if the message is being sent to a group.

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