With Tasks, you can assign, track, and complete to-do items within Pathlight. You can create a task at any time from any screen so you can easily document follow-ups and action items. All the tasks you have created or that have been assigned to you can be found in the task drawer organized by “active” and “completed” tasks.

How to create a task:

1. Open Pathlight
2. Select the Task icon in the top right corner
3. Select Create a New Task
4. Type the name of the task
5. (optional) Assign the task to someone
6. Select Save

Note: Once your assigned task is completed you will receive a notification.  

How to create a task from a message:

1. Create a new message or open a message
2. Select “Add a task to this message”
3. Type the name of the task
4. (optional) Assign the task to someone, like the recipient of the message
5. Select Save

Note: When you create a task it will be assigned to the creator if it has not been assigned to someone.

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