The advanced tab contains display features that affect how your data is presented in pathlight. You can add custom labels to metrics with the units, change the default view of a chart or change the time frame of when a metric is calculated. This can be a helpful tool in personalizing your metrics to help you better understand your data.

Summary Aggregation

The summary aggregation is how your data is calculated. You can display the total sum or average of a metric. 

Sum - The total amount
Average - The average value


The unit is a custom label you can add to a metric. For example you can label a metric “calls”, “emails” or add a fun emoji 💰to help describe a metric. 

Note: An example of a metric with a custom unit label. 

Line Chart example

Bar Chart example

Time Frame

A metric can be measured in all time, current week, current month, current quarter or current quarter with a fiscal year beginning February 1st. 

Exclude people on vacation

By checking this box you can exclude all people who are on vacation from the metric’s performance rate. The performance of the team will not be impacted for this metric. If this is unchecked, people on vacation will impact the teams performance but there will be no notifications for their progress. 

Track a lack of results as zero

By checking this box metrics with no query results are found, the metrics will be displayed as 0. When you uncheck this metric, a metric with no results will be displayed as no data.

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