Pathlight helps frontline employees take control of their performance so they can do their best work. Pathlight brings together key performance data, so employees always know how they are tracking to their goals and can see everything in one place. Frontline employees also receive guidance directly from their manager in Pathlight, so that they have the coaching, positive feedback, and 1:1 notes to stay on track.

Pathlight syncs data from a variety of data sources, like Salesforce, Zendesk, Outreach, internal data warehouses, and more. Your team could be syncing from all of these sources or just one.

The Pathlight app consists of a Metrics, Inbox, People and Settings tab; each tab focuses on a different aspect of your team.


The Pathlight app consists of a Metrics, Inbox, People and Settings tab, each tab focuses on a different aspect of your team. 


  • People Tab - Manage the details of your personal profile
  • Settings Tab - Manage notifications, message templates and data integrations

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Key Terms

  • Metrics - A Metric is an important measure of your performance that your management team has decided to track, like "CSAT Score Last 7D," "Calls Made This Week," or "Closed Won Revenue This Quarter." Pathlight helps you know how you're performing in each of your metrics.
  • Paths - A Path is a grouping of Metrics that shows you your performance across a variety of measures. When you open a Path, it looks a little like a spreadsheet. By clicking on any cell, you can see a history of your performance in that Metric.
  • Inbox - Receive, review, and organize all your pathlight messages.
  • Dashboard - Pathlight's dashboards make it easy to understand personal performance by highlighting key metrics or previewing Path views. You can customize your dashboard by adding metric trend charts, images, GIFs, or text to your dashboard.
  • Team - A group view of your team members 
  • Profile - A personal view of your performance and activity


The Pathlight Inbox helps team members keep track of communication with their manager and team members. With the Inbox, you can quickly access, filter, and create drafts of your personal messages. You know exactly what to respond to, can take action easily, and can review messages you've sent and received, all in one place. 

Inbox Terms


  • Unread - Messages that have been received but not yet been viewed 
  • Needs Acknowledgment - Messages that require acknowledgment from you
  • Drafts - All created messages that have not been sent yet
  • Sent - All new messages that have been sent from Pathlight

Message Categories

  • All Categories - All message types
  • Agenda - Messages used for 1:1’s with your manager
  • Coaching - Coaching messages received from your manager to help reach your goals
  • Applause - Positive messages received from your manager to celebrate your performance
  • Announcements - Messages sent to the team from your manager

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