Want to see all your previous 1:1s with a team member? Know which messages you need to acknowledge? Or view recent announcements you sent to your team? 

You can do all of that easily using your Inbox filters and categories.


  • All Messages - All of the messages and comments you've received
  • Unread - Messages that you have received but not yet opened
  • Needs Acknowledgement - Messages that require your acknowledgement
  • Drafts - Saved messages that have not been sent
  • Sent - Messages you have sent to other users
  • My team’s messages - Messages sent within your team (only available to Managers)
  • By Person - Narrow down your list of messages based on the person who sent or received them

Message Categories

  • Agenda - View all of your 1:1 or team meeting notes
  • Coaching - View all of your coaching tips from your manager
  • Applause - View all of your recognition messages
  • Announcements - View all of your team announcements

How to view a message using a filter and category

  1. Go to your Inbox
  2. Select a Filter (All Messages, Unread, Needs Acknowledgement, Drafts, Sent, My team’s messages)
  3. Select a Category (Agenda, Coaching, Applause, Announcements)

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