Create customized goals for individuals or teams to measure performance precisely. When you create a metric, we highly recommend adding a goal to it, so Pathlight can help you track how well your team is performing. 

However, oftentimes, your team members don’t all have the same goal. Pathlight can help with that! With customized goals you can create specific goals for individuals and teams. 

If you don't have access to create customized goals for your team, you can set custom goals at the individual level from within Metric settings.

How to add a custom target goal

1. Select a Metric (from a Path or from your dashboard)
2. Select Gear icon in the Metric detail
3. Select "Set a custom personal target or custom target for people in this group"
4. Enter the individual's target
5. Select Save
6. After the Metric syncs, the new goal will be reflected for this individual.

Custom goals can be edited after they are created. 

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