In your Pathlight settings you can create message templates to reuse for any message you send on a regular basis, like 1:1 agendas, coaching reminders or weekly announcements. These message templates can include text, images, and rich data visuals that convey metrics, team or individual performance summaries, or question prompts.

How to create a template

1. Select Settings
2. Select Message Settings
3. Select New Template
4. Add Title
5. Add Template to message body
6. (optional) Add Embedded Metric Snapshot, Summary or Question Prompt

Metrics Snapshot - This allows you to embed any metric that exist in your paths.
Summary -
This is the Natural Language Summary which is located in the team or team member profile details.
Question Prompt -
This allows you to add a question and an input field.
Learn how to add embedded metrics to a template

7. Select Save

Note: You can only create message templates for yourself. If you would like to create a template that your team can use please reach out to our support team for help.

Still have a question? Send a message to our Pathlight support team using the chat in the bottom right corner.

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