Embedding metric snapshots are dynamic chart, leaderboard, query results, or single value of any metric you're currently tracking in Pathlight. This embedding can help make messages richer and more data-driven. By adding them to a template you can easily reference the same metric for recurring messages.

How to add an embedded metric snapshot to a template

1. Go to settings
2. Select Message Message Settings
3. Select New Template
3. Select Edit for the template you want to edit
4. Select Insert
5. Select Metric Snapshot
6. Select the Metric you want to embed
7. Select Display Type (Chart, Single value, Leaderboard, Query Results)

Chart - A Dynamic chart displaying the value and target over a period of time.
Single Value - A value displayed as a number, percent, currency or text.
Leaderboard - A scoreboard showing the names and current scores of the leaders for the metric.
Query Results - List of results that create the metric. 

8. Select Inset
9 . Select Save

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