Redshift is one of the most popular data warehouses and it works great with Pathlight.

Connecting to Redshift can range from really easy to slightly frustrating depending on your AWS setup.

Where to find your credentials

You can find your credentials on the Redshift section of your AWS console. Under the "Clusters" tab, 

  1.  Select the cluster you'd like to connect to

Note: Here you can find the host and port as "Endpoint" as well as the database name.

Whitelisting Pathlight's IP

Some Redshift clusters can't be connected to by all computers. In that case, you'll need to whitelist Pathlight's IP address so it can connect to your Redshift. To do this, go to the EC2 section of the EC2 console. In the left sidebar:

  1. Select the tab labelled "Security Groups" 
  2. Find the group associated with your Redshift cluster

3. Select the Inbound tab to show the existing rules
Note: If you selected the right security group you should find other rules for Redshift already there

4. Select Edit, to authorize Pathlight to connect which will show you the existing rules and let you add a new rule.

5. Select Add Rule to create a 2 new rules for Pathlight

6. Add the source IP address of to the first rule and the IP address to the second rule.

7. Add a useful description so you'll remember why you added this rule in future.

You're all done, let us know if you have any questions. Send a message to our Pathlight support team using the chat in the bottom right corner.

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