When you create your account the Pathlight app syncs the list of people from your data source (e.g. Salesforce or Zendesk) to Pathlight. After account creation, Pathlight will continue to refresh your people list on a regular basis. However, if you just added a new person to your data source and want to view them in Pathlight immediately, you can trigger a sync yourself to pull the data in faster.


I created a user in Salesforce, so why aren't they appearing in Pathlight?

The Pathlight app syncs your Salesforce user list regularly; however, if you just added a new user to Salesforce and you want to see them in Pathlight immediately, you can sync your people table in Pathlight.

How to Sync People Table

  1. Select Settings Tab
  2. Select Data Integrations
  3. Select Sync People (for Salesforce or Zendesk)
  4. Pathlight will start syncing right away. After a couple minutes, new people added to your data source will be searchable in Pathlight.

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