Every metric in Pathlight can have High, Medium, Low or No Priority. Priority levels impact health scores, natural language summaries, and notifications, and also help your team stay focused on what matters the most, so it's important to set the appropriate priority levels for all of your metrics. If you don't want a metric to factor into a health score at all (to effectively "mute" it), set it to "No Priority."


Who has permissions to edit the priority of a metric?

Anyone who has the permissions to edit a Metric, which is usually the administrator, Path creator, or an assigned editor.

How many high priority metrics should I have?

How you prioritize your metrics is completely customizable, and up to you. However, we recommend only setting a few high priority metrics, so that your team members have a clear sense of what they should be focusing on.

How to add a priority to a metric

  1. Open a Path
  2. Select the three dots menu on the Metric you'd like to edit
  3. Select Metric Settings
  4. Select Priority drop-down menu
  5. Select a Priority level
  6. Select Save

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