Sending a message to your whole team is a great way to keep everyone on track.

Example Team Messages

  • Announcement¬†
  • Training
  • Celebrating a big win
  • Team meeting agenda and notes

How to send a Team Message

1. Click New Message button from your team dashboard
2. Search for a team or enter each team member. Most team names are structured as Team Manager Name (e.g., "Team Erin Harper")
3. Select the Category "Announcement"
4. Add a Title
5. Write your message. You can incorporate rich text, images, or GIFs using the tool bar, or can load in a template or add in data visualizations using the Templates and Metric drop downs.
6. (optional) Request acknowledgement from your entire team
7. (optional) Send your message into a Slack Channel by selecting a channel
8. Click Share
9. Each member of your team will be notified via email or Slack

Still have a question? Send a message to our Pathlight support team using the chat in the bottom right corner.


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