Sending one-on-one messages is really easy in Pathlight. You can use templates to automatically pull in relevant data (good bye, screenshots of random reports!) and create documentation of your 1:1s over time, so you can easily refer back to previous conversations.

How to hold a 1:1 in Pathlight

  1. Select New Message from your dashboard
  2. Search for and select a team member as a recipient of the message
  3. Add Category "Agenda"
  4. Add a Title
  5. (optional) Click "Template" dropdown in the tool bar, search for your 1:1 template, and set the "Context" to the person who this 1:1 applies to.
    Note: This step is optional, but it is best practice to have 1:1 templates to create consistency and save time. We'd be happy to help you set one up - just send us a note in the chat icon in the bottom corner of your screen in Pathlight.
  6. Click Import and the template will load in text, data, and images
  7. (optional) Fill in any questions or comments
  8. Select Share 
  9. Your message recipient will be notified via Slack or email

Still have a question? Send a message to our Pathlight support team using the chat in the bottom right corner.

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