If you want to see more details about — or even edit — the Salesforce objects that are counted in your metrics, you can do this easily from Pathlight in a few steps:

  1. In a Path, click on the cell you'd like to see more details about.
  2. In the sidebar that pops up, click the 'View query results' button to open up the Query Results Preview.
  3. If not already selected, Click "Add a field" and search for and select the 'URL' and/or 'Edit URL' fields from the dropdown. 

Now the links to view and edit each object will appear in the results table!

Pro tip: if you're an admin and would like these fields to show up automatically whenever anyone opens their Query Results Preview for a metric, you can select these fields (and any others you want to see a preview of) in the Metric Settings so that they will be included by default.

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