By default, a Path will display the value of each metric that is being measured. You can use the Display selector to view your data in other ways.

Path Display Options

Value: The result of the metric's query.

Percent to Goal: The percent attainment of the current day's target. For pacing goals, the current day's target is extrapolated from the final target based on how much time is left in the goal period.

 For example, if your CSAT goal is 4, and the value is 2, then this will show as 50%. Note: if you have a pacing goal, this will show the percent to today's goal where you should be as of today to stay on track to hit your target. For example, if you need to book 5 meetings by Friday, and you have 2 at the end of Tuesday, then you will be at 100% to goal, because you're on track to get to 5 by Friday. 

Percent to End Goal: The percent attainment of the final target. For pacing goals, this uses the target that was set for the end of the goal period. For non-pacing goals, this will be the same as Percent to Goal.

7d Delta: The percentage by which the value has changed from where it was 7 days ago. Positive deltas indicate an increase, and negative deltas a decrease.

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