When a team member goes on vacation, you can use Vacation Hold, on the individual's profile in their dashboard, to manage their absence. 

When you put an individual on a Vacation Hold:

  • Their row in any Path they're in will be greyed out to visually indicate they are out of office
  • They will not receive any notifications pertaining to their performance within Pathlight or via Slack while they are out of office
  • Depending on the metric, the team member's contribution may be included or excluded from the team goal and team total during their time out of office. In Metric Settings, checking the "Exclude people on vacation" box means anyone who is on a vacation hold will be excluded from this metric's evaluation (example: Calls Week to Date). That means no new results will be created for them, and their existing results will not be factored into team aggregates. If the checkbox is unchecked, people on vacation will be evaluated as usual, but no notifications about their progress will be sent (example: Closed Won This Quarter).
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