If you'd like to create a Path that acts more like a typical report - without any of Pathlight's management insights, alerts, or calculations performed on top of it - then you'll want to mute the Path. 

What happens when you mute a Path?

You still get:

  • Access to the report whenever you'd like to look at it in the Paths tab
  • Live syncing from a data source (e.g., Salesforce) if you're using an API connection
  • Assessment of performance against goals over time

However, muted Paths will not:

  • Be included in any health scores you see on your dashboard
  • Send you any alerts or insights about your team's performance on that Path

How to mute a Path

  1. Access the Path you'd like to mute. 
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the Path > Settings.
  3. Enable "Mute notifications."

Note: To mute a Path, you must have permissions to edit that Path. Contact your Pathlight admin or our Support team with the chat messenger at the bottom right corner if you do not have these permissions.

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