With our Slack App, Pathlight will send you real-time insights about you or your team’s performance and alert you of new messages, so you’re always in the know. It's the management assistant you've always deserved.

You can also configure automatic alerts, like "send our team channel a message when anyone on the team closes a deal."

What can I do with Pathlight's Slack app?

When you get a notification from Pathlight, you can quickly take action in Slack, and that action will be automatically documented for you in Pathlight. You can:

  • Share with the team - recognize an individual’s performance with the team

  • Send a message to an individual - send coaching or recognition to a team member

  • Mark as a priority - mark a metric as a priority in Pathlight

  • Receive automatic alerts - send an alert to a Slack channel (e.g., when a member of your team closes a deal)

How does it work?

The Slack app is a powerful timesaver that sends notifications to Pathlight users. Pathlight's Slack bot does not store any conversation information from any public or private channel unless it's being directly messaged.

When alerts are triggered in Pathlight and the user has added the Pathlight app in Slack, the bot will send a notification directly to that user. The user can then interact with that notification. Non-users of Pathlight (including your team members who are not yet Pathlight users) are never automatically pinged - it's all in your control.

How do I set it up?

  1. Log in to your Pathlight account

  2. Go to Settings in the bottom left corner and select Integrations

  3. Connect Slack
    (If you have any issues with permissions, refer your IT department to Pathlight's Slack App Directory Listing and these setup instructions from Slack.)

4. Authorize

5. Receive key insights and take immediate action from within Slack

To set up automatic alerts in Slack, read this article.

The Pathlight Slack app helps you become a more data-driven communicator using your existing tools. 

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