On the dashboard, you'll see metrics for Health Scores. These percentages give users a quick way to analyze performance across all of their Paths and Metrics. Each Health Score will have a break down of they are calculated.

Health Score Breakdown:

When you hover over the "view breakdown", you'll see a list of metrics and their weighted score. Each metrics has been assigned points that contribute to your Health Score total. Each metric points is determined by priority level, bonus points for leading your team, and custom points determined by your management team.

The Health Score measures your group, team, or individual performance, factoring in both 1) if the goals are being hit and 2) the priority levels of the metrics. For example, if a team is making hundreds of calls a week (marked as low priority), but hasn't closed a deal (marked as high priority) this month, the Health Score's weighting system would reflect their low performance against an important metric.

To remove a metric from a Health Score, simply set it as "No Priority" (mute).

Some notes:

  • For your Health Scores to be as accurate as possible, set the Priority Level for each metric, accessed on the relevant Path in the column's Metric Settings. 

  • Each priority level will weight a metric differently in the Health Score:

    • High Priority = 3 points

    • Medium Priority = 2 points

    • Low Priority = 1 point

    • No Priority = excluded from Health Score

  • Team Health Scores reflect the team's performance against the team aggregate goal, not an average of each individual's performance against goal.

  • Health Scores are capped at 100%. Sometimes, you may hit 100% for knocking it out of the park on your more strongly weighted high-priority goals, even if you haven't hit all your low-priority ones.

  • If you often have ramping employees who won't hit team performance standards for many months (artificially dragging your Health Scores down), we recommend either setting up individual or dynamic goals so that they aren't failing unnecessarily.

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