Pathlight gives you a variety of options for rich communication with an individual or your entire team. Messages are always documented in the platform for your future reference and private to the author and recipient(s).

You can message in a variety of ways:

  • On a specific event (e.g., send feedback to Simon after he went from passing to failing his goal)
  • On a metric generally (e.g., congratulate Melanie on crushing her pipeline goal this quarter)
  • To a person (e.g., leave notes for Kimberly about what you discussed in your last 1:1)
  • To the team as a whole (e.g., let's crush this last week of the quarter, team!)
  • To any combination of individuals, teams, or groups that you want to communicate with

Collaborate on a Message

Make a message editable by its recipients by checking the "Can Edit" checkbox. You can always remove edit access by editing the message later. Great for 1:1 prep.

Email & Slack Notifications to Employees

If your employees are not on Pathlight: For your employees to view your messages, either select the "send an email" checkbox when you create your message, push the message to a Slack channel via our Slack integration, or invite the team member to Pathlight. 

If your employees are on Pathlight: They will automatically receive a Slack notification (if they have set up the Slack integration) or an email notification that you have sent them a new message.

Note: If your Path is set to "Private" in its privacy settings, no messages you send about that Path will be visible.

Request Acknowledgment 

Check the "request acknowledgment" box when composing a message to ensure your rep reads important messages. You can request and track acknowledgment from multiple recipients.

Templates & Resources

Streamline your outreach using templates and resources. You can set up templates and links to helpful resources in Settings > Messaging Settings.

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